July 21st 2017
Inaugural Concert
" The Costanzi Consort's inaugural concert yesterday was a feast of unexpected delights. 


From the hitherto unknown Magnificat by 17-year-old Maria Rosa Coccia, a contemporary of Mozart, and the first female musician to be awarded the title 'maestra di cappella' at the Accademia di S. Cecilia to the delightful and jolly organ sonatas by Gasparini sprinkled into the programme, the concert could not fail to please. 


A bright sound, crisp tempi and impeccable phrasing showed that this new consort, under the able direction of Peter Leech - who interspersed the music with fascinating facts about the composers - can only go from strength to strength. 


Peter's mission is to bring unknown, and under-appreciated composers into the spotlight: He certainly accomplished this and whetted our appetites for more! "


Jan Murray

Trustee and Administrator, Churchill Music!

July 17th 2017


Veni sponsa Christi – Maria Rosa Coccia (1759-1833) 


Oculi omnium – Niccolo Jommelli (1714-1774)

Kyrie (Missa quatuor vocum) – Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757) 


Gloria (Missa quatuor vocum) – Scarlatti

Sonata per l'elevazione - Francesco Gasparini (1661-1727) 


Credo, quod redemptor – Pompeo Canniciari (1670-1744)

Christus factus est – Canniciari

Miserere in C minor – Giovanni Battista Costanzi (1704-1778)

Organ sonata in E - Gasparini 


Christus factus est – Costanzi

Qui terrena triumphat – Giuseppe Ottavio Pitoni (1657-1743) 


Hic vir despiciens mundum – Maria Rosa Coccia 


Sanctus/Benedictus (Missa quatuor vocum) – Scarlatti Agnus Dei – (Missa quatuor vocum) - Scarlatti

Organ sonata in A minor - Gasparini 


Ave Maria - Canniciari

Magnificat (1776) - Maria Rosa Coccia

1 Magnificat (chorus), 2 Quia respexit (soprano solo), 3 Quia fecit (soprano/alto duet)
4 Fecit potentiam (chorus), 5 Esurientes (2 soprano/bass trio), 6 Suscepit Israel (soprano solo)
7 Sicut locutus est (alto solo), 8 Gloria Patri (chorus).

Confitebor tibi Domine – Giovanni Battista Casali (1715-1792)