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Saturday 10th February 2018
Viderunt omnes - Michael Haydn (1737 - 1806)
Responsoria in coena Domini (Maundy Thursday) - M. Haydn
In monte oliveti
Tristis est anima mea
Ecce vidimus eum
Capriccio No.5 - Johann Georg Retter the Elder (1656 - 1738)
Responsoria in coena Domini - M.Haydn
Amicus meus
Judas mercator pessimus
Onus ex disciples meis
Universe qui te expectant - Johann Ernst Eberlin (1702 - 1762)
Canzone No.2 - Reutter
Responsoria in coena Domini - M.Haydn
Eram quasi agnus innocens
Una hora
Seniores populi
Justus deduct Dominus - Eberlin
Kyrie (Missa brevis in C) - Leopold Mozart (1719 - 1787)
Gloria - L. Mozart
Christus factus est - Eberlin
Credo (Missa brevis in C) - L. Mozart
Plange Virgo (Responsoria in Sabbato Sancto) - M.Haydn
Sanctus (Missa brevis in C) - L. Mozart
Toccata & Fugue in G - Eberlin
Agnus Dei (Missa brevis sanctorum septem dolore B.V.M.) - Karl Biber (1681 - 1749)
Alma Dei creatoris K.277 - W.A Mozart (1756 - 1791)